Al-Ḥamd Islāmīkā Volume I (Issue I)

  1. Article 248 of the Constitution of Pakistan 1973 in perspective of Islamic Law

    Muhammad Haroon Khan Muhammad Naeem

    Issue 1

  2. Islamization of Laws in Pakistan during the Rule of General Zia Ul Haq

    Dr Nasir Ud Din

    Issue 1

  3. Nushuz and Its Impact on Family Relationship: An Analysis In The Light of Sharih and Law

    Rizwana Gul, Aiesha Rasoll

  4. Critical analysis of Ahmaduddin’s principles for explanation of the Holy Quran

    Dr. Muhammad Ayaz, Dr. Sohail Anwar

  5. The Shah Waliullah’s theory of politics and ruling

    Mr. Wahab Khan, Ms. Safia Bibi

  6. Dark day and recent methods of funeral rites in light of Sharia: A critical analysis

    Mr. Gulzar Ali, Mr. Istaraj

  7. A sharia analysis of P.P.C Section related to punishment on apostasy and Blasphemy

    Dr. Kareem Dad, Hafiz Shah Bakht Rawan

  8. The usage of words in different meaning in the Holy Quran: a research study

    Dr. Najam Ul Hassan , Ms. Mumtaz Khan

  9. The love Poetry of Khushkhal Khan Khattak

    Dr. Hafiz Nawaz, Dr. Hafiz Hifazat Ullah