Islamic studies research journal Alhamd islamica strictly follows HEC Rules and Regulations pertaining to Publication of manuscripts and articles. As the journal is bi-annual, it announces call for papers from 1st January to 31st March and 1st July to 30th September every year. After receieving the articles for a particular issues, the editorial board scrutinise all of them by analysing their merit according to the scope,aims and objectives and suitability as per HEC Guidelines mentioned in Scope, Aims& Objectives.

There are no publication fee of Islamic studies Research Journal Alhamd islamica .For publication, every article goes through a mechanism of Plagiarism, National and International Blind Peer Review and other codal fomarlities. For details, please see HEC plagiarsim policy document at

Sources of Funding and Submission Process:

The main source of Alhamd islamica is Alhamd Islamic University and Higher Education Commission,(HEC) Islamabad. Alhamd does not charrge a single penny for publication of articles and similarly does not compromise on its academic and research standard. The submission process is very easy and convenient. All articles may be send at the official email of Dr.Sami-ul-Haq, Editor:

The article must be typed in MS Word. Alhamd islamica  followes Chicago Manual of Style for referencing and notes. For detailes please see the official webiste of Chicago Manual of Style at

Cost of Alhamd islamica  per issue: Rs. 5oo/= in Pakistan

20 US Dollar for abroad