Al-Ḥamd Islāmīkā Volume II (Issue II)(Jul-Dec 2015)

  1. Islam and Democracy: In the Light of Thoughts of Maulana Abu Ala Mawdudi

    Dr Sultan Mahmood, Dr.Nasiruddin

    Issue 1

  2. Introduction to some famous Quranic commentaries of the early three centuries of the Islamic Era and their author’s

    Dr. Ebad Ur Rehman, Dr. Abdul Rasheed

    Issue 1

  3. Gog Magog: A research review in light of Quran and Ahadees

    Mr. Gulzar Ali, Mr. Istaraj

  4. The rights and duties of women in Islam

    Mr. Shabir Ahmed, Dr. Riaz Mohammad

  5. Honor killing and its punishment Fiqh Hanafi

    Mr. Wahab Khan, Ms. Safia Bibi