Peer Review Process

Being an HEC recognized/accredited journal, Alhamd Islamika  follows peer review guidelines of HEC in true letter and spirit to meet the requirements of recognition/accreditation and annual funding. All papers submitted to Alhamd Islamika undergo a rigorous internal and external review by experts in the relevant area of interest. Alhamd Islamika  attempts to maintain an average review time of 3 months.

Resubmission of Paper (after peer review)

Nearly every published paper goes through at least one revision. Authors should take a revision request as good news and opportunity to learn and improve the quality of their research paper. They are directed to revise the paper carefully in accordance with the reviewers’ suggestions to avoid the needless interruption in review process. Generally, review report is provided in columnar form. Last column of the review report is Authors’ action/response. This column is to be filled by the author(s) in detail, the way each review point is incorporated in the revised version of the paper (This is a compulsory part of review process). Revised paper along with reply/response to review report should be submitted within two months. Author(s) should be very careful regarding accuracy and completeness in accordance with the reviewers’ suggested points, so as to avoid further review and delay (further revision can be recommended, if editors find that reviewers’ suggestions have not been incorporated satisfactorily).

Keeping in view the other academic/professional commitments, authors can request for extra time, if they feel that revision needs more efforts and time to improve the quality of paper.